What's your fantasy?


    Sensory play
    deprivation, overload, light touch, pinching, ice, wax play

    rope · kinbaku · shibari, predicament, cuffs, restraints

    Impact play
    crops, canes, floggers, paddles, single tails, belts, spanking, bastinado

    Rough body play
    pinning, hair-pulling, human punching bag, biting, face slapping, and other forms of physical discipline

    cbt, nipple play, smothering, breath play, tease & denial, tickling

    foot, leg, shoe worship, trampling, giantess, sploshing

    pet play, slave, submissive, domestic/maid, digital & financial domination

Want to play?
Foot fetish - foot on face
Asian domestic disciplinarian in thigh high boots
Dominatrix rough body play, choking and biting
Asian domme in San Francisco with wooden paddle
Domina licking and biting ear, pinching nipple
Empress Ivy strong legs in skirt

* Sensation & impact play can occur on different parts of the body and can range from sensual to sadistic.